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Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP
Mountain - Orange - Beginner SUP

MOUNTAIN - SUP Paddle Board (Beginners) - Orange




  • Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board with rucksack carry bag, ore, and pump. 
  • Easily packs away into small ruck sack for easy transportation.
  • Inflates solid for excellent stability - Perfect for beginners
  • Everything you need to give paddle boarding a try and have a load of fun with the family!

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Having a high-quality, reliable paddleboard is essential if you want to learn this sport. This is exactly what the MOUNTAIN Inflatable SUP provides. Our paddleboard is made from premium materials and has a host of features that improve its construction, reliability, and durability, these include:

• Reinforced drop-stitching.
• Grip deck and kick pad that are both textured.
• Durable multiple layer rail bands.
• Two fixed standard paddleboard fins.
• One removable standard paddleboard fin.

In terms of size, this paddleboard is 300x76x15cm. It has a standard nose and tail design and as a result, it is suitable for various weather conditions and types of water.
You can comfortably use this SUP on the open sea, lakes, rivers, and canals. It also has a four-point bungee net where you can store your belongings as you paddle.The grip deck also has a central attachment point for your ankle leash, that also doubles as a handle for carrying.

 Aside from getting a premium stand up paddleboard, this MOUNTAIN kit also comes with an extensive range of accessories including:

• Carry rucksack.
• Manual pump.
• Repair kit.
• Ankle leash.
• Paddle.
• Removable fin.

The paddle is collapsible and can be dismantled into three sections for easy storage. The ankle leash is also made from premium materials and will provide a solid anchor between you and the paddleboard.

What our customers are saying..

Tim Knowles

We absolutely loved our day out in the lake district with the family and our paddle boards..

I love the fact we can just throw them in the boot and head off anywhere for a day of fun! 

Steph Mcadam

The boards are amazing! Can have them set up within 10 mins. They inflate rock solid and are super sturdy in the water. It was me & my boyfriends first time using them and we both managed to stand up and paddle within 20 mins (he fell off much more than I did haha)

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